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DATA PROTECTION - INFORMATION PURSUANT TO ART. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196
I) Optional nature of data conferment
Apart from the matters specified below in relation to navigation data, users are free to provide the personal data recorded in the application forms or anyway indicated in communications that are transmitted on the site
It may however prove impossible to provide the requested information or services to users who do not confer their data.

II) Nature of data acquired and processed
1) Data supplied voluntarily by users when they send communications or for access to reserved areas of the site or to obtain services or communications
For access to certain areas of the site or for access to specific services, users are requested, on an optional, explicit and voluntary basis, to enter data composed of alphanumeric characters which, by means of processing or correlation with other data, could make it possible to identify the user.
The optional, explicit and voluntary transmission of e-mails or other communications to the addresses indicated in this site results in the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, which is needed to send an answer or to supply services, and of any other personal data entered by the sender in the communication.
2) Navigation data
During their normal operation, IT systems and telecommunications systems and the software procedures supporting the operation of this site, acquire various data of a personal nature the transmission of which is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols or is useful to achieve improved management and optimisation of the site (e.g. IP addresses, URL addresses, domain names, times of requests, file sizes and other parameters relative to the userís operating system).
Said data acquisition, which occurs for exclusively statistical purposes or to monitor the correct operation of the site, is strictly non-commercial and is not in any way aimed at identifying users. All communications or requests of the data subject, drafted in application of the provisions of Italian legislative decree D.Lgv. 196/03, in relation to said data, must therefore be addressed to the site indicated above.

III) Purposes of data acquisition and processing method
The data supplied voluntarily by the user are acquired and processed in order to allow access to the services on the site and the communication of information of a commercial or promotional nature, also in the form of newsletters. Said data can be transferred or transmitted to third parties, either free of charge or against payment, for processing in relation to identical or similar aims.
By sending the data, the user agrees to data processing in compliance with the methods described herewith, without prejudice to the right to exercise the faculties permitted by the law in relation to confirmation, checking, editing, adjustment, integration or erasure of the data (refer to the next point V).
Navigation data (even in the form of log files or cookies) are acquired for statistical purposes or to monitor and improve the functionality of the site, and they are never associated with other data for the purposes of identifying users or creating personal profiles.
Said data are never transmitted or transferred to third parties in any way or in any form.
Once the time strictly necessary for their processing has elapsed, and after the further times allowed by law have also elapsed, all such data will be deleted.
The only exception to the process described is the entitlement to use data for judicial purposes in the cases expressly envisaged by the law, or for the fulfilment of normative obligations.

IV) Data controller, data manager, data processor and processing site
The CONTROLLER responsible for the processing of data supplied by users is Levitiles Spa ( domiciled in Castellarano, Via Benedetto Croce 3. On the same site, the data are processed with the aid and support of electronic instruments in compliance with the security standards prescribed by statutory legislation.
The data PROCESSORS can be the persons assigned to this duty time-by-time by the Data Controller. For the names of the data processors and in order for data subjects to exercise their rights, refer to the next point.

V) Rights of data subjects
The parties to whom the personal data refer are entitled to obtain confirmation of the existence or absence of their data and to be informed of the contents and source, to check the relative accuracy and to demand any necessary additions, updates or adjustments, as provided for by the terms of art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196.
Pursuant to the terms of said article, data subjects are entitled to demand the deletion, anonymization, or blockage of data that are processed in violation of the law, and to oppose the treatment of said data for legitimate reasons.
Requests must be forwarded by e-mail to the Data Controller as identified above.

For further information or updates concerning data protection, refer to the official Italian data protection website

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