Understanding an elemental material like glass, interpreting its transparent and reflective qualities. The ability to process glass surfaces, and the expertise needed to apply printed decorations. For many years, Venezia Arte has been developing personalized concepts and producing a range of solutions to enhance the home and community spaces in classic or contemporary styles. As a member of a cutting-edge industrial group, Venezia Arte draws on shared experience, while enjoying the privilege of pursuing the necessary level of craftsmanship for this type of product. Venezia Arte offers a team of skilled designers and specialised craftsmen to help you develop your projects, with the full range of competences needed to bring the work to completion. Venezia Arte's unique and exclusive offering is guaranteed by our proprietary fully patented production process.

An innovative cold printing technique with high resolution (1200x1200dpi), allows to obtain An exceptional quality of printing on CRYSTAL SHEETS ( extra clear and/or tempered ), With high aesthetical values. Unlimited possibilities of graphical realization as will as a with range of possible sizes even for personalized projects. Currently available sizes and series are listed in the attached brochure.

The sheets are FURNISHING ELEMENTS FOR PROJECTS ENRICHMENT for floors and walls.

Use normal cement based glues: see specification contained in the catalogue.
To make cuts or holes: see specification contained in the catalogue.
For combining the glass with other type of surfaces (wood, ceramic, steel, etc…) it is Suggested to use "connection profile" available in the market.

Venezia Arte utilize for its production a patented technology.