Make up

Any color
with pearly finishing

With the new series MAKE UP awaits you an exciting journey into the world of color, the speed of light, the light emitted from the crystal, of course.
Do not give yourself limits of choice, see the most used colors scale - i.e. RAL o Pantone®, Point the finger at the one you like and imagine it enhanced by the beauty of a pure material such as glass.
And much more!

  • Two types of surface finish: perfectly smooth and neutral, or cleverly structured to increase the play of reflections.
  • Backgrounds with solid colors or with pearlescent effects.
  • Sizes of the smooth crystals (no structure/relief) from 12x12 up to 60x100 and sizes of structured crystals from 2,5x2,5 up to 60x60cm, any type of customization you have in mind to do.
  • We can give any form molded to your projects through water jet cutting.

The new series MAKE_UP has been designed and built for you "insatiable" lovers of color.
Now free your wishes