Customized project

Do you want to make a crystal customized project that you thought impossible?
You can do it: with Venezia Arte! Some people look at us pleasantly surprised when we repeat these simple concepts aloud, but there it is.

  • We are able to achieve, with the size of the smooth crystals (no structure/relief) from 12x12 up to 60x100 and sizes of structured crystals from 2,5x2,5 up to 60x60cm, any type of customization you have in mind to do.
  • We use a patented process with a UV printing in high resolution that allows us to carry any image directly on the glass.
  • We can support you in the planning stage with experienced professionals to help you refine your choices.
  • We can give any form molded to your projects through water jet cutting.
  • We can make samples and small series, without obligation to minimum quantities.
  • Personalization is prepared for you "insatiable" lovers of ideas.

Now get creative.